BERNSTEIN BÂTIR plant und baut ganzheitlich stimmige Hochbauprojekte. Unsere Kunden profitieren von der integrierten Abwicklung ihrer Projekte entlang der ganzen Wertschöpfungskette. Wir orientieren uns dabei an den neusten wissenschaftlichen Methoden und legen hohen Wert auf den respektvollen Umgang mit Menschen im Projektalltag.

Dieses Vorgehen fördert die Nachhaltigkeit der Investition, die architektonisch-technische Präzision und gleichzeitig die Effizienz der Prozesse. Auf diese Weise schaffen wir erhebliche Mehrwerte und steigern die Investitionssicherheit markant.

BERNSTEIN BÂTIR erbringt integrierte Dienstleistungen rund um die Führung, Planung und Ausführung von Hochbauprojekten. Investoren, Bauherren, Architekten sowie Generalplaner profitieren von der integralen Abwicklung ihrer Projekte mittels zeitgemässen Managementmethoden und -technologien. Ökonomische wie ökologische Nachhaltigkeit, Effizienz und technische Präzision geniessen höchste Priorität und führen zu ganzheitlich stimmigen Resultaten. Unser Team pflegt eine hohe Kommunikationskultur und einen respektvollen Umgang in allen Phasen der Projektarbeit.


2020 - 2022

N.I.C.O. Neues Produktionsgebäude B. Braun, Sempach

B. Braun is a globally active company with around 80,000 employees and manufactures medical products. At its site in Sempach, it is building a new production facility for the manufacture of disinfectants. In addition to production lines, the industrial building also includes logistics areas, tank storage and rooms with increased hygiene requirements. It consists of a mixed reinforced concrete and steel construction with an industrial façade. A special challenge exists for the foundation of the building...

Projektentwicklung Raum Basel


Project development area of Basel

Give the use a suitable dress: For a leading institution in the Basel region we were allowed to design a proposal for the future use of two departments. Our work ranged from negotiations with the users and the landowner to the design and presentation of the spatial concept, the calculation of construction costs and the determination of profitability. The development process is currently still ongoing.


Roche building 2 + pRED Center, Basel

Process masses and information on a large scale: Acting in a consortium with PBK AG, we are preparing the bills of quantities for the tendering of works. The mandate involves application of the very latest developments in bim technology. Our focus is on achieving an optimum alignment between 3D-modelling and the qualitative and quantitative descriptions of the specification documents. This requires the management of interfaces between several databases and the development of an integral logic. This, in turn, will facilitate communication within the project team and support both site management and the work of the tendering companies. Put in simple terms, our services are geared to boosting the efficiency and quality of the overall project.

Roche Bau2 + pRED Center, Basel


Refurbishment public swimming pool

Giving the project a new twist The public swimming pool in Reinach was built in the 1950’s in a unique environment and was in need of structural and technical refurbishment. Our company was called in to manage the final construction phase from January to June 2018 with Morger Partner. The goal was to bring the technically and architecturally demanding project to a solid and good ending. The entire pool engineering and technical components were put underground. The renovation of the actual pools had to be scheduled simultaneously with the renovation of the surrounding buildings, the biggest challenge being the coordination of planners, specialists and contractors in view of the opening date. We are proud to say that the pools were opened on schedule on June 16th 2018.


Site extension
Food manufacturer, Muttenz

When the team plays together like an orchestra: Based in Muttenz, Switzerland, Florin AG, is a third-generation family business that manufactures edible oils and margarine from mainly Swiss products. Various issues have arisen at the Muttenz site with regard to productivity and the ability of the building infrastructure to meet contemporary demands. In 2015, we were invited to develop investment proposals and to investigate the feasibility of the necessary measures. We have now been appointed as lead designer with responsibility for planning the implementation of the scheme and overseeing the works. Particular challenges include the project's technical complexity, the stringent food hygiene requirements placed on the new facilities, and the need to maintain production during the construction period.

Arealerweiterung Florin AG, Muttenz


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