Total Services


We provide total services based on the WERKALLIANZ ™ system. Contemporary construction projects are complex and iterative due to the increasing demands placed in efficiency and professionalism. New methods are required to cope safely with such tasks, increase efficiency and reduce risks. Based on our many years of experience, we have developed the WERKALLIANZ system together with our planning and realisation partners and have successfully implemented it numerous times over recent years. In order to accommodate the increasing complexity of today's construction tasks, we are guided by established agile management methods from corporate governance and adapt them to our project organisations. We register immediate positive effects on the stability of the processes and the results achieved in terms of cost efficiency, deadline security and quality. WERKALLIANZ is inspired by the so-called Project Alliance Model, which has been used successfully in infrastructure and structural engineering projects in the UK, the USA, Australia and Scandinavia since the 1990s.

Create an integral plan in a team: The general planner (GP) assumes overall responsibility for the integrated preparation of coordinated planning. To this end, they usually take all planning disciplines such as architecture, structural planning, specialist engineers and specialists under contract. Depending on the constellation, the architect has their own contractual relationship with the client, or the GP service is provided in a working group (ARGE) together with the architect. As a general planner, we provide overall management (or in phases for the execution if the architect is responsible for planning), cost planning, preparation of specifications and, depending on the execution model, construction management and GP administration. The aim of our work is to control and mediate planning processes so that the construction process goes as smoothly as possible. We also make the services listed below available to our customers as individual modules:

• Projektleitung Ausführung / Gesamtleitung
• Kostenplanung
• Devisierung
• Tragwerksplanung
• Fachingenieur- und Spezial-Leistungen
• Bauleitung

General planning


Cost planning


Calculate, monitor and optimize planning costs: The entire planning process is accompanied by ongoing cost planning. This is adapted to the progress of planning in phases. We are the planners' discussion partner when it comes to developing constructively and technically optimal cost-benefit ratios and achieving their planning goals. The guideline values are the architectural, functional and qualitative targets. When planning costs, we rely on the latest Building Information Modeling (BIM) tools as well as our practical experience from construction management.

Establish synchronicity between the planning work and the work contracts: Once the plan has been drawn up, the individual trades are put out to tender based on this. We have various methods available for this: Firstly, we invite bids in the traditional form based on the Swiss catalogue of standard items; secondly, providing functional descriptions of the trades with reference to the information in the modelled data (BIM) has proven itself an effective method due to progressive digitalisation in the planning process. The principle of preparing specifications is concerned with mapping the planned trades as precisely as possible in the interests of the client, architects and planners, in order to create a high level of contractual correspondence between the customer and the contractor.



Construction management


Steering the construction process to its goal with a common culture: The job of construction management is to map the tender documents and the planning work in contracts for work, to manage them and to convert them into a functioning building. This includes administrative and organisational tasks. Administration includes invoice control, payments, change management as well as cost control and regular billing forecasts. From an organisational point of view, the construction processes need to be coordinated, planned and logistically processed. The processes must be continuously documented in records. The smooth running of a construction site requires integrative skills, excellent communication and leadership qualities among the key personnel, as well as close coordination with the architects and planners. We are convinced that this is one of the key requirements for the creation of high-quality and cost-effective buildings and is ingrained in the DNA of our work culture. Schlüsselpersonen sowie eine enge Abstimmung mit den Architekten und Planern. Dies ist nach unserer Überzeugung eine der Kernvoraussetzungen für die Erstellung qualitativ hochstehender und kosteneffizienter Bauten und die DNA unserer Arbeitskultur.

Assistance in difficult situations and overriding questions: We also provide our customers with know-how in managing projects in an advisory capacity, including interim management in crisis situations. We maintain good relationships with numerous experienced specialists and use proven change management methods and troubleshooting processes. Our aim in this capacity is to minimise risks and damage and create constructive solutions. Numerous reference projects prove our successful work in this area. belegen unsere erfolgreiche Arbeit in diesem Segment.


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