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N.I.C.O. Neues Produktionsgebäude B. Braun, Sempach

B. Braun is a globally active company with around 80,000 employees and manufactures medical products. At its site in Sempach, it is building a new production facility for the manufacture of disinfectants. In addition to production lines, the industrial building also includes logistics areas, tank storage and rooms with increased hygiene requirements. It consists of a mixed reinforced concrete and steel construction with an industrial façade. A special challenge exists for the foundation of the building...

Projektentwicklung Raum Basel


Project development area of Basel

Give the use a suitable dress: For a leading institution in the Basel region we were allowed to design a proposal for the future use of two departments. Our work ranged from negotiations with the users and the landowner to the design and presentation of the spatial concept, the calculation of construction costs and the determination of profitability. The development process is currently still ongoing.


Roche building 2 + pRED Center, Basel

Process masses and information on a large scale: In einer Arbeitsgemeinschaft mit PBK AG erarbeiten wir als Subplaner die Verzeichnisse für die Ausschreibung der Bauwerkleistungen. Es geht dabei darum eine möglichst hohe Kongruenz zwischen dem 3D-Modeling und den qualitativ und quantitativ beschriebenen Leistungsbeschrieben herzustellen. Es gilt, die Schnittstellen zwischen mehreren Datenbanken zu managen und eine durchgängige Logik herzustellen. Diese erleichtert die Kommunikation innerhalb des Projektteams und unterstützt sowohl das Management der Baustelle wie auch die Arbeit der Anbieter. Zusammengefasst zielen wir darauf ab…

Roche Bau2 + pRED Center, Basel


Refurbishment public swimming pool

Giving the project a new twist Das Gartenbad Reinach ist in den 1950-iger Jahren in einer einzigartigen Umgebung entstanden und seither baulich und technisch in die Jahre gekommen. Wir durften für Morger Partner die Schlussphase der Gesamtsanierung von Januar bis Juni 2018 leiten, nachdem der Bauprozess in der alten Konstellation ins Stocken geraten war. Es ging darum, eine technisch und architektonisch anspruchsvolle Bauaufgabe innert kurzer und intensiver Zeit terminlich und konstruktiv einem…


Site extension
Food manufacturer, Muttenz

When the team plays together like an orchestra: Based in Muttenz, Switzerland, Florin AG, is a third-generation family business that manufactures edible oils and margarine from mainly Swiss products. Various issues have arisen at the Muttenz site with regard to productivity and the ability of the building infrastructure to meet contemporary demands. In 2015, we were invited to develop investment proposals and to investigate the feasibility of the necessary measures. We have now been appointed as lead designer with responsibility for planning the implementation of the scheme and overseeing the works. Particular challenges include the project's technical complexity, the stringent food hygiene requirements placed on the new facilities, and the need to maintain production during the construction period.

Arealerweiterung Florin AG, Muttenz
Seniorenzentrum Rosengarten, Laufen


old people's home, Laufen

High quality under the pressure of time: To address the growing need for accommodation for the aged, people with dementia and other people in need of care, the municipalities of Switzerland's Laufental administrative district have built an old peoples' home in laufen. In response to the competition brief, Ackermann Architekt developed an efficient and carefully considered concept. Following completion of the structural shell, we were appointed by the architect to supervise all works during the fit-out and services installation phase. This necessitated the prompt development of a concept for meeting the tight deadlines while at the same time achieving the high standards of workmanship specified for the project. In meeting the challenge, our team needed to draw on the full range of its leadership skills and experience. 


Volta Ost competition, Basel

How costs become the driving force of design: In organizing the Volta Ost competition, the canton of Basel-Stadt sought a solution for the creation of contemporary, cost-efficient living accommodation. The principle formulated by the basel mathematician Johann Jakob Balmer as early as 1850 that "the economy of construction is dictated by the lines of the floorplan" still applies today. The straightforward design concept and clear arrangement of axes inherent in the proposals were firmly in the tradition of the rational style of architecture typical of basel and held the promise of cost-efficient construction. In the search for a rigorously crafted architectural solution, the contemporary application of the 150-year-old principle delivered a satisfyingly coherent ensemble. We acted as the architect's discussion partner during the competition.

Wettbewerb Volta Ost, Basel
Rennbahncenter, Muttenz


Rennbahncenter, Muttenz

Negotiating the maximum benefit for the client: The ageing accommodation at the previous Rennbahnklinik centre, which specializes in sport medicine, no longer satisfied operational requirements in terms of quality and capacity. This prompted the client to collaborate with HRS Real Estate on the development of a new-build scheme at a nearby site in Muttenz. We were appointed to represent the interests of our client in the course of the approximately two-year negotiations with the project developer and to specify the qualitative and quantitative fundamentals for the contract. Following contract signature, the scheme was implemented over a further two-year period. The new facility came into operation at the start of 2014.


Brunnmattschulhaus, Basel

Total restoration of an architectural monument: Built between 1960 and 1965, the Brunnmattschulhaus school building is one of the rare examples of the so-called "brutalist-plastic" style practised in the city of Basel. This style was inspired by Le Corbusier's late work and the British new brutalism movement. The Brunnmattschulhaus was designed by one of Switzerland's main brutalist exponents, Walter Maria Förderer, in partnership with Rolf Georg Otto and Hans Zwimpfer. Acting as part of a consortium with Basel-based architectural practice BRI-Architekten, we provided lead design services for the comprehensive refurbishment scheme. The brief called for the careful restoration of the building's original appearance and architectural presence. This was to be combined with a modernization of the building fabric and operational concept in line with the contemporary demands placed on a school, together with all alterations needed to meet authority requirements. The refurbishment works were carried out under operating conditions.

Brunnmattschulhaus, Basel
Schaulager, Münchenstein


Schaulager, Münchenstein

Haute couture meets solid craft: The Schaulager ("display storeroom") in Münchenstein is a somewhat unusual venue, which stores and displays artworks of international significance. Our mandate consisted in implementing the building scheme. Key tasks included development to ready-to-build stage, in close collaboration with the client and architect, of the new building type – combining the functions of artwork storage and display – and the supervision of its construction on site. One particularly challenging aspect was the ongoing process of deadline, cost and quality control. This served as the basis for investment decisions as the design and construction works proceeded.


Spitalapotheke, Basel

An eye-catcher to this day: The brief called for the construction of a new building to house the cantonal and hospital pharmacy. This had been necessitated by the relocation of the institute for hospital pharmacy from the Klinikum 1 building. New spaces were needed for laboratories, pharmaceutical production, offices and product storage. The building geometry was dictated by the existing 1960s basement levels and the courtyard arrangement at the rear of the building. On this project, we were mandated to supervise the construction works. The main tasks included ensuring structural continuity with the existing building fabric, meeting the high requirements placed on the interior in terms of plant, installations and cleanliness, and realizing the precisely detailed architectural concept for the building envelope.

Spitalapotheke, Basel
Roche Bau92, Basel


Roche Bau92, Basel

The starting signal for a new area development: In the role of lead designer, we collaborated with architect Herzog & de Meuron in the development of their first building on the F. Hoffmann-La Roche site. This involved the first industrial application of the then groundbreaking "laboratory vision", co-developed by us for the third phase of the ETH (Swiss federal institute of technology) Hönggerberg extension scheme in Zurich. The concept helped to achieve considerable cuts in the construction, running and maintenance costs of a laboratory building. In architectural terms, it also paved the way for a new site identity that still resonates today.


Tinguely Museum, Basel

When cultures unite in one building: To mark its centenary, F. Hoffmann-La Roche AG presented the city of Basel with the Tinguely museum in Basel's Solitude Park. The museum was built to provide a permanent home for the works of one of Switzerland's foremost artists, Jean Tinguely (1925-1991). The building was designed by Ticino architect Mario Botta. We were appointed as site supervisor to oversee the implementation of the architectural concept. Specific challenges posed by the project included the stringent requirements placed on building quality, the technical complexity of the subsoil and the tight deadlines imposed by the client's pending centenary celebrations. One particularly rewarding aspect of the project was the dialogue across language and cultural boundaries.

Tinguely Museum, Basel
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